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Saturday, December 7, 2013

An Oldie But Most Certainly A Goodie!

SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Every so often you come across a book that draws you in so completely that you don’t want to leave the characters or setting. Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and its two sequels entranced me; Jean Auel’s Earth’s children series beginning with the Clan of the Cave Bear likewise was enthralling.

And now Shadow of the Wind has taken its place as one of my favorite books. The New York Times review "Gabriel García Márquez meets Umberto Eco meets Jorge Luis Borges for a sprawling magic show” only begins to hint at all the intrigue, the wonderful language and the richness of the novel.

In 1950’s Barcelona, Daniel Sempere is 10 years old when he is taken by his bookseller father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a massive sanctuary where books are guarded from oblivion. Daniel is allowed to have one book to protect; he selects The Shadow of the Wind, by Julian Carax. He reads it, loves it, and soon learns it is both very valuable and very much in danger because someone is determinedly burning every copy of every book written by the obscure Carax.

The story will move back and forth from Julian Carax’ own history years before and that of Daniel. Many parallels weave their threads between the two stories, each as thrilling and fascinating as the other.

There are many totally original and unforgettable characters that will remain with you long after you have closed the book. And, if you have been to Barcelona or have planned to go there, the author enriches the book further at the end with a guided tour of all the places in the novel. 

Highly, highly recommended!