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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is your son a murderer or not?

Reading Defending Jacob by William Landay is an exercise in twists, turns, bewilderment, red herrings and just plain enjoyment.

Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney, usually handles the more involved felony cases in his community. When a fourteen year old boy is murdered in the local park, Andy assigns himself the case and begins his investigation. What he doesn't expect is that his son Jacob will be charged with the murder by the District Attorney.

As Andy and his wife Laurie, popular and respected members of the community, deal with this horrible accusation, their marriage is tested. And, as the trial progresses, their love for their son undergoes a soul-searching quest for the truth, even as damning facts and heredity come into play and threaten their world. The ending is a real shocker.

This would make a great Book Club choice because the story can be be interpreted differently and the actions of many questioned. I really, really enjoyed this one!