Book Event

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two you won't want to miss!

Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler

Eighty-nine-year-old Isabelle McAllister has a favor to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis. Isabelle wants Dorrie, a black single mom in her thirties, to drive her from her home in Arlington, Texas, to a funeral in Cincinnati. Dorrie doesn’t know whose funeral it is and trusts that it must be important if she is being asked to do this.

Dorrie, fleeing problems of her own and curious whether she can unlock the secrets of Isabelle's guarded past, scarcely hesitates before agreeing, not knowing it will be a journey that changes both their lives.

Over the years, Dorrie and Isabelle have developed more than just a business relationship. They are friends. But Dorrie, fretting over the new man in her life and her teenage son's irresponsible choices, still wonders why Isabelle chose her.

As we join these two women on their journey secrets are slowly revealed that will keep the reader guessing until the unexpected ending.

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

Desperate housewife Bernadette Fox is a woman on the verge. She’s in a vicious feud with a hysterical neighbor, her damp and neglected house is crumbling, she is disdained by the other mothers at her daughter’s school, and she hates the city where she lives. Only her cherished 15-year-old daughter, Bee, loves her unconditionally. Bernadette finally goes over the edge when she discovers that her husband, Elgie, a Microsoft hotshot, is trying to get her committed to a mental institution. She climbs out of the bathroom window and simply disappears. And yet this is a woman who in her younger days was hailed was a brilliant architect, the winner of a ‘genius’ award. So how did it all go wrong? The truth emerges as Bee’s search to find her missing mother takes her to one of the world’s remotest spots.